Important questions you should ask before choosing a pet crematory

Q: Are you available to come to our home, night or day, to pick up our pet and is there an additional charge for this?

A: Our staff answers our phones, and is available to serve you, 24 hrs a day. There is a small fee for after hours, weekend and holidays.

Q: Can you pick up my pet from any vet or animal hospital?

A: Yes, we can always pick up your pet from any animal hospital.

Q: Do you require pets to be placed in a plastic bag and/or stored in a freezer until you pick them up?

A: Ever Faithful never places any pet in a plastic bag and instructs our vet partners not to place pets in a plastic bag or a freezer. We gently wrap them in a blanket and place them in one of our dignified carriers for safe keeping.

Q: Do you have a standard pick up day or schedule with the vet clinics that use your service?

A: Ever Faithful works hard to be an immediate response service and does not do scheduled “milk route” type removals of pets. Families can set an appointment with us to meet them at their vet’s office at the time of euthanasia or they can call us when the death occurs and we do everything in our power to respond at that time for pick up. (There are exceptions based on the current availability or our staff. ) So we recommend that an appointment is set whenever possible in advance.

Q: How is my pet transported to your facility?

A: Ever Faithful only uses SUV’s to transport all pets and a pet’s carrier is always gently placed into our vehicles. We NEVER use a truck or van of any kind where pets will be piled together.

Q: How and where is my pet kept until they are cremated?

A: When a pet is brought back to the Ever Faithful facility, your pet’s carrier is placed in a thermal room for safe keeping until the cremation takes place (which is normally that same day). That room is kept at 40-50 degrees.

Q: Do you offer mass or communal cremation as a service?

A: Our staff believes that our pets are part of the family and would never consider mass cremation for our human family! So we would not consider mass cremation for our furry family! Ever Faithful is the only pet crematory in the metro area that does not offer mass cremation or do mass removals for communal cremation! Ever Faithful only offers individual/private cremation services.

Q: How do I know that I am only getting my pet’s ashes back?

A: We understand how important this is to pet parents and we ensure your piece of mind with a special tracking system. An Ever Faithful representative personally identifies every pet at the time of transport and then assigns a metal Identification Tag/number to that pet. That tag/number stays with your pet from the time of pick up until the cremation is complete. You will find that ID Tag in your pet’s cremated remains when they are returned to you. This ensures that you will always get only your pet’s cremated remains.

Q: What kind of container are my pet’s cremated remains placed in if I decide not to purchase an urn?

A: Every family we serve receives a beautiful wooden urn for their pet’s ashes. We do not use an undignified cookie tin, plastic or cardboard box.

Q: How long does it take from the time my pet is picked up until we can pick up the cremated remains?

A: Our standard turnaround is 24-48 hrs.