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Pet loss. . . It’s personal

Smith and Kernke funeral services has been serving families in the community for over 70 years. Keri Kernke is a third generation associate who proudly carries on the traditions of the family business that started back in 1939.

It was back in 2010 when Keri Kernke lost her boxer, Quincy. Quincy was part of her family, like a child. She was on every Christmas card and was known as a grand puppy to Keri’s parents. The loss of Quincy was devastating. It was at this point that she realized the level of death care that was available to her was not up to par with funeral standards. As Keri researched the available options, the more appalled she was with the treatment pet families received upon the death of a pet.

My loss became my dream. . .

Keri Kernke is and always has been an avid animal lover who lost a part of her family. She knew that through her education, training and experience along with her family heritage, she could do a great deal to improve the quality of pet loss in the Oklahoma City area. Believing pet family members deserve not only the best in life, but also in death, she set forth to gather as much information as possible and to learn as much as she could about pet loss services. To her astonishment, she learned that the way pet loss was handled in her area was often the same across the nation. With this knowledge, she knew something had to change. Knowing in her heart adding pet loss services to Smith and Kernke Funeral Directors was the right thing to do. Ever Faithful Pet Funeral Home and Crematory by Smith and Kernke will be opening sometime in May 2013. Ever Faithful will offer pet loss services to our community with high standards we abide by every day for our human family, friends, and acquaintances. In addition to offering immediate response and dignified pet cremation services, we offer special tribute products and other grief support materials to make this major life passage one of meaning of life